Kobe Bryant had an amazing NBA career but only won the NBA MVP award one time, in 2007-08. With that said, Kobe appeared on ESPN and was talking about the two men fighting for the NBA MVP award this year - Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Bryant said that he wouldn't like it as a player but that he feels both men deserve the award and there could be the first ever co-NBA MVP.

Russell Westbrook as NBA MVP

Russell Westbrook has a really good reason to win the NBA MVP honors this year. Westbrook is on pace to finish with the most triple doubles in a season in NBA history.

Not only that but last week he became the first NBA player in history to ever finish with a triple double while remaining perfect shooting from both the field and free throw line. There are thoughts that the Houston Rockets have the better record, but the Oklahoma City Thunder will play in the postseason as well and that means that Westbrook is not only putting up historically good numbers but leading his team into the playoffs - something he couldn't do a few years ago when Kevin Durant was out injured and he is doing it this year with Durant playing for a Western Conference contender in Golden State. Russell Westbrook is putting up one of the best statistical careers in NBA history on a playoff contending team, something Kobe Bryant can't dismiss.

James Harden as NBA MVP

On the other side of the coin is former Oklahoma City Thunder player James Harden, who left OKC to become the franchise leader for the Houston Rockets. While Russell Westbrook is scoring triple doubles at a record pace, Harden is also enjoying one of the greatest seasons in NBA history. Houston has a better record that the Thunder and have beaten them head-to-head.

Harden leads the NBA in assists and is second in scoring behind Westbrook. The difference is that James Harden is a weaker defensive player than Westbrook and that is where Russell has the advantage. However, Harden is one of the best players in the NBA when it comes to scoring offense, contributing more points per game than any player in history when it comes to combined passing and shooting points. As Kobe Bryant said, it is too close to call and maybe both men deserve the NBA MVP award this year.