An already reeling Nebraska basketball program took another body blow on Wednesday when power forward ed morrow announced he was transferring. Morrow becomes the third player to announce he's leaving the program since the 2016-2017 season came to an end. Even worse news for Nebrasketball fans is Morrow is easily the biggest loss of the three.

When the Huskers athletic director announced almost immediately after the Nebraska basketball team lost their 19th game of the season that Tim Miles was staying on because "the future is bright," he likely thought Ed Morrow would be part of that future.

It's a safe bet Jeriah Horne, who announced his departure a few weeks back was part of that future as well.

'I support Ed in his decision to transfer schools'

In the announcement that Morrow was going to be switching schools, leaving the Nebraska basketball team in the dust, Miles said he "supported his decision." It turns out, according to Chris Basnett of the Lincoln Journal Star, the decision was arrived at very recently. Shortly after the shock had worn off of the initial announcement, Miles was talking to the media. One of the comments he made was Morrow had approached him on Monday, telling him he wanted a "fresh start."

Considering the direction of the Nebraska basketball program right now, it might be best if everyone get a fresh start.

While Miles survived what many thought would be his final game for the Huskers, if another player leaves, he may have to be fired after all.

The bright future is heading out the door

The first transfer away from the Nebraska basketball team that was one the squad could stomach.

The second, in Horne was one that was not exactly a shock, but was enough to make some people nervous. Ed Morrow, easily one of the best players on the team, taking a hike is more than a little concerning. The bright future that was supposed to be the reason Miles was being retained, is taking some hits. The question now is whether the program needs to wait it out, or start over once again.