The Nebraska basketball program's decision to keep Tim Miles just keeps looking worse as the dominos continue to fall following the season's end. Nick Fuller is gone and while he wasn't much of a impact player his departure just days after the announcement of Miles' retention should tell you something about his feelings for the coach.

Jeriah Horne was an impact freshman this season (when he was allowed on the court) and likely one of the reasons Nebraska AD Sean Eichorst said the "future looks bright" when he announced Miles was staying. Horne has also announced he's transferring.

The coaching shuffle could have included Nebraska basketball

The Huskers appear to be one of the only struggling Big Ten programs who are willing to ride it out with their struggling head coach. Both Illinois and Indiana have cut their coaches loose since the season ended. Indiana's dismissal of Tom Crean is especially interesting, given that he's taken the Hoosiers to four NCAA tournaments and a pair of Sweet Sixteens.

Those announcements, as well as who the teams might be looking to pick up should make anyone not happy with Tim Miles groan. The Nebraska basketball team could have had a chance to grab someone like Crean, or any number of other coaching prospects that would be an improvement on what we've seen.

Crean, especially has coached some very good offenses, something Nebraska has sorely missed.

Can we get a do-over?

It's not likely that Eichorst is going to change his mind and decide the Nebraska basketball team needs to go in a different direction. He cemented Miles was going to be here thanks to his tweet just minutes after the Huskers lost their 19th game of the year (against 12 wins).

The real question now is just how much the look and feel of the Big Ten is going to change this off season.

Nebraska was already behind Illinois and Indiana when they had Groce and Crean. One has to wonder just how far down the ladder the Huskers might fall with another year of Miles and brand new coaches with their shiny new programs in Champaign and Bloomington.