The Chicago Cubs have released what they say will be the Opening Day roster when the season kicks off on Sunday. While most of the team was solidified long ago, there were a couple of openings that will still playing out. It's a safe bet that more than a few Cubs fans were rather surprised with the way the roster shuffle played out considering both Matt Sczur and Tommy LaStella have made the 25-man roster.

Coming into the week, it seemed to be a safe bet that one or both of the players was going to find himself anywhere other than on the Cubs on opening day.

There had been plenty of talk about Matt Sczur being traded to a team like the Atlanta Braves. Likewise, LaStella seemed to know he wasn't long for the big club considering he said he was willing to accept a demotion.

Roster for the Chicago Cubs is still fluid

According to Bleacher Nation, Cubs' general manager Theo Epstein has made it clear the 25-man roster is far from set in stone throughout the season. One move that could be coming sooner, rather than later for the Chicago Cubs is the promotion of lefty reliever Brian Duensing. The pitcher missed about two weeks of Spring Training with an injury and the club has decided he will need more work rehabbing in minor league camp.

The rehab will likely be about as long as the amount of time Duensing missed, just to the team can make sure he's ready to go.

When he is ready to go, there will be a roster crunch once again.

Youngsters pushing the Chicago Cubs as well

When looking at the comments Epstein has made about his plans for the rest of the season, the 25-man roster appears to be a way to buy some more time. Infielder Ian Happ had such a good spring, many believe he won't be in the minor leagues too much longer.

It's possible Sczur is still going to be dealt, but the Cubs want to find a better deal than what they have been offered so far. With LaStella being willing to be sent down this time, the team has more flexibility than it might appear at first glance. Stay tuned.