Devin Booker is in the process of his best career season. Averaging over 20 points, three rebounds and three assists per game in just his second season in the league. His team won't make the playoffs this season, sitting at 14th place in the Western Conference standings. There is defiantly a bright future ahead of Devin, and many NBA players see it coming. Compared to his rookie season, Devin Booker seems to be a whole new player, playing at a much higher level. In his previous game against the Boston Celtics, Devin Booker officially got his name out there.

Dropping 70... yes, 70 points on the 2nd highest ranked team in the East! Believe it or not, a guy named LeBron James predicted this.

LeBron called Devin Booker a future all-star

In UNINTERRUPTED'S "Open Run" podcast in which King James was featured in, in mid-August 2016, he talked about a lot of things. The NBA, his life, basketball, in general, but one thing he did mention was a player he thought had a bright future in the league. When asked about players that will be future all-stars, LeBron quickly jumped at the thought of Devin Booker. Stating:

"You know, what? I’m going, to b honest. If it’s someone who is under the radar right now that I believe going to be a really, really, really good, all-star player in the league – it’s Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns.”

At the time, Devin Booker had just capped off his rookie season, finishing in 4th place on the rookie of the year voting board.

King James mentioned D-Book as a player "no one knows about and someone who will be a household name in the future.

LeBron has an eye for talent

LeBron James has always had his eyes on young talent coming into the NBA. He's watched high school games and college games live along with hosting basketball camps. He has looked at certain players at a young age who he believes have a promising future, and most of the time they do.

LeBron watched Stephen Curry in college, and was impressed with his game. Now he's a 2-time MVP. King James knew what he was capable of, before anyone even knew his name. It's obvious LeBron's basketball knowledge allows him to vision players who will be standouts in the future, and while he hasn't been an all-star yet, Devin Booker will likely be one in the near future. Why? Because LeBron James says so.