LeBron James is a man who has spoken about his team a lot this NBA season. From saying that they needed a playmaker, to saying certain guys need to step up, LeBron hasn't held his tongue once during this NBA season. After their teams' 123-116 loss to the Nuggets, LeBron was at it again, calling out his teammates for what seemed to be a lack of Toughness. The Cavs' regular season is coming to a close, and that's when their title defense begins. The Cavs have had an up and down year, with injuries restricting them throughout. But with all pieces healthy, will the toughness talk spark some fire in the Cavs?

Late struggles

The Cavs haven't been good on the defensive side of the ball. They rank 29th in defensive efficiency in March, which isn't going to win you a championship. None of the defending champions finished lower than 20th in defensive efficiency in the last 20 season. Defense was a key part in their title run last season, where they ranked 10th in defensive efficiency. Defense is where you need to have the most toughness, and the Cavs don't have even an ounce there.

LeBron James realized what his team needed after their loss to the Nuggets saying "We've got to be more, just do more. It ain't about no group. You can't preach toughness. You've got to have it." According to ESPN. James isn't lying, as toughness is a trait that you are born with, it can't be taught.

James realizes not only his teammates need to step up, but himself as well, as he turned in a horrid -30 in the plus/minus stat. With the postseason around the corner LeBron sees that his team can't compete for a championship if they continue to play like this.

Is it enough?

When LeBron spoke about his team before, his desires came to fruition.

When the team needed a playmaker, they got one for him. The question is will he and the players on the Cavs fix the problem? They have very little time to do so with April approaching, so they need to make a quick turnaround. With their lead for the one seed in the east down to just one game, the pressure is on for the Cavs.

LeBron is on the record saying he doesn't have time to waste, as he will turn 32 in December. He wants to make sure his team has everything they need, toughness included, to repeat as champions.

LeBron's comments are meant to give a spark to a team that isn't looking their best when the playoffs are around the corner. But as the leader of his team, he needs to fire them up some way.