LeBron James is one of the most criticized players in the NBA, and it seems that a lot of people have a problem with whatever he does, whether it's good or bad. Recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar was criticized for taking rest during the regular season as many fans complained about buying tickets and then finding out that he would not be playing.

Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant recently commented about LeBron James and the resting issue, saying that James deserves to rest. Even though a lot of fans will disagree with Bryant, he does have a point, and James should be allowed to rest without being criticized.

Bryant says LeBron has earned the right to rest

Kobe Bryant understands the fan perspective, but he also realized that James has done so much for the game. "LeBron has done so much for the game and he’s earned the opportunity to be able to take a rest, he’s earned that…He has done so much to elevate the game and has earned the right for us to give him the benefit of the doubt," said the Lakers legend, who was well known for his hard work ethic. (Slam).

Bryant is absolutely right when it comes to comments about James' impact on the league. It is LeBron who has been popular for over a decade and whose name has been heard by every basketball fan in the world. If it wasn't for him, the NBA wouldn't be as popular as it is today, as James' dominance has been legendary.

LeBron has done a lot for the league, and it really isn't fair to criticize him for taking a night off every once in a while.

Cavaliers cannot allow LeBron James to get injured

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been one of the most injured teams this season and they just can't allow James to get injured. He is their best player and they lost all six games that he missed this season.

They need him in order to win the first seed in the conference and to defend the title.

Many people forget that LeBron James has made six NBA finals in a row and all those games have taken a toll on him. Besides, he is 32 now and he needs to take care of his body in order to compete at a high level for a few more years.