Kyle Korver returned to action a few days ago and the Cleveland Cavaliers used him as a valuable addition of the bench. However, Korver went down once again as he is still dealing with a foot Injury. The guard will miss the next game, in which the Cavaliers will face off against the San Antonio Spurs, and it is still unknown how much time he will miss.

Korver has appeared in 61 games this season and has averaged 10.2 points. He is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA, and also one of the best bench players.

Korver's injury seems to be a big problem

Just a few weeks ago, Korver missed seven games with a foot injury, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were 4-3 in those games. When he finally got back, he looked a bit rusty, but he soon returned to form and had two solid games. However, just when the Cavaliers thought that Korver would be back for the entire season, he suffered another injury and he will be out indefinitely.

What makes this injury really bad is the fact that it's the very same injury that caused Kyle Korver to miss seven games earlier. This seems to be a big problem for him and for the Cavaliers, who probably should not rely on his scoring anymore. Korver's inability to stay healthy will cost Cleveland a lot and it is not certain how far they can go in the playoffs without him.

Cleveland Cavaliers have dealt with injuries all season long

The Cavaliers can't catch a break when it comes to injuries, and LeBron James recently commented about it. James said how it's challenging to get used to the constant roster changes as many players have not been available to play this season. Korver will be sidelined for an indefinite period and Iman Shumpert is also injured, but he might play in the next game.

The defending NBA champions will have a hard time defending their title if their players cannot stay healthy, and that has been their biggest problem this season. Fortunately, their starters are all healthy now and they have to give their best in order to finish the regular season strong and secure the first seed in the East.