At the NFL owners meeting the news came down that the Oakland Raiders are officially moving into Las Vegas. With all that hype, the news that went under the rug, is that Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke about Tom Brady and how he wanted to play six or seven more years in the NFL. That sounds absurd but Brady hasn't shown us a reason to doubt him, as he is coming off a fifth Super Bowl win. Kraft also spoke on Malcom Butler and his situation with the team, and he hopes Butler can return with the team.

Father Brady

Kraft had a conversation with Tom Brady approximately two weeks ago and he said this according to ESPN "As recently as 2-3 days ago, he assured me he'd be willing to play six to seven more years and at the level he performed.

There's no one that would be happier than I, and our fan base." That would mean he is playing into his mid-40s. This is something we hadn't seen since Brett Favre when he was still slinging the rock into his 40s as well. Brady is on a really detailed health diet, and his play hasn't taken even the slightest of falls. Father Time is undefeated when it comes to the NFL but everyone takes one L in their life and even Father Time might have to lose this one. Brady has been durable in his career, only missing games due to an ACL and a suspension.

The Oldest quarterbacks to ever be on a roster is Warren Moon, Vinny Testaverde, and Steve Deberg. They all were age 44 according to the pro football Hall of Fame.

Brady would turn 40 in August, and if he fulfills his statement, he will be 46 when he decides to call it quits. That would mean he spent 24 seasons with one team smashing former Lions kicker Jason Hanson's record for most seasons with a team (21). Brady is treading into uncharted waters, but if anyone could make this kind of history, its Tom Brady.

Butler come back

The Patriots have had the best offseason in the NFL. Everything isn't perfect in Boston, as they still have yet to figure out the Malcolm Butler situation. The Patriots signed Stephen Gilmore to a huge deal but only gave Butler a $3.3 million franchise tag. Butler has proven himself to be a No. 1 corner for the Pats, but he feels he has been slighted by the team.

Kraft also spoke on this at the owners meeting, and according to ESPN, he said "I have a great affection for him. He was part of probably the greatest play in the history of our team, but there are a lot of people involved in that on both sides." Butler made a visit with the New Orleans Saints, where he was mentioned as a piece in the Brandin Cooks deal. Butler has to sign the offer sheet if he even wants to be moved, which he hasn't done yet.

Robert Kraft talked about very important things to reporters at the owners meeting. Tom Brady and Malcolm Butler. Two things that can impact their team almost immediately. If Brady can play another six years and if Butler can sign a deal with the Pats, the Patriots might be closer to a sixth championship than you think.