The Los Angeles Lakers wanted to risk nothing with Brandon Ingram's injury on Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Small forward Brandon Ingram didn't participate in the game against Portland at Staples Center due to knee tendinitis. The Lakers, who were starting Ingram before the injury, lost to Portland on their home floor 97-81.

Los Angeles now have fallen to a 21-52 record, and clearly won't be making this year's NBA Playoffs. Lakers coach Luke Walton says there was no need to have Ingram on the court on Sunday. The rookie wanted to play though he was injured, and his coach gave him recognition for that mindset.

''If we were in a Playoff race he (Ingram) would have played tonight. He wanted to play tonight,'' Walton told reporters post-game. ''You know, I love that attitude. But, it's our job to, you know, to do what we think is best for him. And, you know, for where we are at, it's not playing while he is in pain and limping.''

The Lakers remain careful with Ingram's injury

Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton clearly noted that Brandon Ingram won't be put in a situation where his injury could get worse. After the match against the Portland Trail Blazers, the coach didn't rule out that Ingram will hit Monday's practice. ''He will get to the gym tommorow, get treatment, get on the court with coach Keefe,'' Walton revealed.

''And, we will see how he feels, how he looks cutting and all that stuff. And, if it's better -- then we will let him practice -- if it's not -- then we will take him off tommorow as well. We will just keep going day-by-day with him.''

Eventually, Ingram was dropped out of practice

The Los Angeles Lakers announced on its Twitter account on Monday that Brandon Ingram is ''doubtful'' for the game on Tuesday against the Washington Wizards.

At this point it seems more likely that the team will do the same thing that they have done on Sunday -- rest the rookie. Not risking anything with the second overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft is more than a logical choice. Ingram has been averaging nine points, along with 4.1 rebounds per game for the Lakers on the season.

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