Now that the NFL silly (read free agent signing) season has arrived, rumors are flying all over the Internet. The most prominent rumors when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles is that they have already landed at least one wide receiver. That receiver is Kenny Britt and the Eagles were supposed to have landed the player thanks to him being in Atlantic City, talked up his new team. If Britt really was in AC and really was telling people he had signed with Philadelphia, it was apparently news to his agent, who made sure everyone knew the man coming of a career year had not signed a contract with the Eagles, or anyone else.

The agent steps in

After twitter erupted with talk the Philadelphia Eagles had signed the former Tennesee Titan and Los Angeles Rams player, Britt's agent, Fadde Mikhail stepped up and stepped in to make sure the talk wasn't true. It appears the Eagles potential target had been in or near Atlantic City but he wasn't celebrating a new contract.

"To dispel all rumors that client Kenny Britt has agreed w a team is not true. He is only visiting family with his wife." Mikhail said on his own Twitter account. Of course, anyone who knows the NFL rules knows talk of Britt officially joining the Eagles had to be false.

While players can start talking to teams right now, they can't visit facilities or sign contracts until Thursday, March 9.

Britt could still be a member of Philadelphia Eagles soon

Just because Kenny Britt can't sign with the Eagles just yet doesn't mean he won't eventually. We reported earlier this week Philadelphia appeared to be interested in both he and former Chicago Bears player Alshon Jeffery.

The reaction to signing a player like Britt is going to be mixed for sure but it's also very clear the Eagles are focusing heavily on bringing in a weapon for quarterback Carson Wentz.

The team might decide to go get a wide receiver from the draft, or even trade for Brandin Cooks instead of spending free agent money but it's clear someone is coming in. In just a few days, the Philadelphia Eagles will be able to begin making it official.