When looking at who the Philadelphia Eagles should go after in order to fill a roster spot at wide receiver, several names have been floated in the last few days. Two new names have started making the rounds this week, though it's pretty clear the two new names would only be attractive to Eagles fans if "Plan A" doesn't succeed.

Philly fans have been tantalized by the talk of a possible trade for Brandin Cooks or even a free agent signing of Brandon Marshall. There was even some talk that DeSean Jackson might be coming back. After hearing those names, it's a safe bet that Philadelphia Eagles diehards aren't going to be getting all that excited for Kenny Britt or Alshon Jeffery.

Surprisingly good season

Kenny Britt might not be getting Philadelphia Eagles fans all that excited, but maybe he should be. Despite playing on an offense that was downright terrible for most of the season, the veteran wideout had a career year. ESPN is reporting the Eagles are going to give Britt a good long look as a free agent signing after hauling down 68 passes for 1,002 yards and five touchdowns.

The added bonus, when it comes to Britt is that Philadelphia has hired the wide receivers' coach who helped him achieve that career season in Mike Groh. Perhaps wanting to work with the position coach will even get the Eagles a bit of a free agent discount. If not, Britt might be telling Philadelphia and other suitors they need to pony up after such a great 2016.

Another headache at wide receiver?

When comparing Britt to someone like Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagles fans might wonder why their team would pass on a younger receiver who put up back to back 80+ catch seasons before injuries and suspensions robbed him of full seasons in his last two years.

It is, of course, the suspension that might cause worry among some Eagles fans.

There's also the willingness of the Chicago Bears, hardly a team overflowing with offense talent, to part with Jeffery. Some fans are going to remember the nonsense that went on with DeSean Jackson and decide they'd rather Philadephia stay far away from another player who might be trouble.