The new NFL year is only days away, so many teams are making the final decisions on whom they should go after in Free Agency. The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the teams that need to have a good offseason to be a threat in the NFC East. It has its future franchise QB in Carson Wentz, but it needs to put more offensive weapons around him to make him an even greater QB. Philadelphia should look at the receiver spot specifically, as it was proven last year that the Eagles lack talent and depth at the receiver spot.


The Eagles receiving core last year was one of the worst in the NFL because of dropped passes.

Jordan Matthews, its top receiver had a total of six drops last season, placing him in the top ten in the NFL for that stat. Their three-best receivers in Mattews, Agholor, and Green-Beckham combined for 16 drops last season. Carson Wentz could be blamed for the Eagles passing struggles last year, but the same amount of blame could be placed on the receivers for not being reliable pass options.

The Eagles must find a true No. 1 receiver to boost its offense, and make the team a contender for the division. It has a few names on its radar for the upcoming free agency period.

Landing Zone

Rumors have surrounded the Eagles about signing and trading receivers. Officials were in talks the past week about acquiring Bradin Cooks from the New Orleans Saints.

Cooks is a vertical threat, using his pure speed to blow by defenders on deep routes. They will need to make a better deal than their competitor, the Tennessee Titans, as they have also expressed interest in acquiring the talented receiver. Eagles VP of football operations Howie Roseman has been big on trades since his arrival so don't be surprised if this move actually happens.

The free agent market for receivers this year is big on talent, but it might be pricey. The Eagles could use talent like Alshon Jeffrey but he might ask for lots of money, and the Eagles might not see the value in signing him to a big deal. Impending free agent Desean Jackson has said returning to Philly, would be "a great story," but also made it known he wants to play with a great QB.

Its best option if it wants to find good talent for a great price would be Terrelle Pryor Sr. and Kenny Britt. These two are both 1,000 yards receivers and due to their market value, they won't cost you an outrageous contract. The Eagles has expressed interest in Britt, and officials see him as a primary target in free agency.

The Eagles needs more reliability at the receiver spot, and it is in the right year, as the free agent market is full of decent reliable receivers. Wentz is about to enter his prime, so to not waste his talents, the Eagles need to give him receivers that will make him look good.