Jamaal Charles was officially released by the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday of this week, making him a free agent who can talk with any team, a week before other players who are still under contract will become free agents. Now that the Chiefs have decided to go a different route, it appears Charles has a few possibilities when it comes to teams he can land on. The real question is how many of those teams are going to be offering him a real chance to start and just how much they might be willing to pay him in order to join their rosters.

The Green Bay Packers and the opportunity for Charles

It was reported late last week that the Green Bay Packers might be one of the teams interested in Charles. At this point, there isn't any action beyond talk about where he could end up, but the Pack certainly makes some sense. Green Bay had to try and convert a wide receiver to running back in Ty Montgomery after Eddie Lacy went down last year with an injury. While Lacy is rehabbing from his injury, it doesn't appear to some insiders that the Packers are going to be inviting him back.

Charles, who has missed most of the last two seasons (appeared in eight out of 32 games) will certainly need to prove he's healthy but if he could, he seems like an interesting weapon for Green Bay.

The biggest question, of course, is whether he is healthy and the Chiefs were just tired of gambling on him staying healthy, or whether he's still showing signs of injury.

Jamaal Charles and the Philadelphia Eagles

Another team that has been talked about more than once about a possible destination for Charles is the Philadelphia Eagles.

While the Eagles have two running backs they could see carrying the load in 2017 in Darren Sproles and Ryan Matthews, it's not a surprise the team would look at someone like Charles. Sproles has never been an every down back, and Matthews has shown to be more of a bull rush type carrier. Having a speedster like Charles could add a new wrinkle to an Eagles offense that would like to give star quarterback Carson Wentz more weapons.