The Kansas City Chiefs are making some moves that are sending shockwaves through the NFL. Early Tuesday afternoon, the Chiefs have signed their safety Eric Berry to a long term deal. They also let go of their star running back Jamaal Charles, who is their franchise's leading rusher. Many people weren't to shocked to hear the news, but many will have to get used to the fact that he won't be in Kansas City playing unless he is on the visiting team. Berry on the other hand, gets what he deserves as he had a couple standout seasons since his triumphant return.

Berry Blast

Eric Berry is receiving this mega deal coming off arguably his best season of his NFL career. Berry had 77 tackles last year, 4 interceptions, two of those returned for touchdowns. The deal is a six-year deal worth $78 million, $40 million that is guaranteed, and to put the cherry on top, includes a $20 million signing bonus. Talk about a mega deal. Berry played on the franchise tender in 2016, and proved to the Chiefs he's worth the money. With his new contract, he will be the highest paid safety in the NFL, making $13 million a year. He was diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2014, but made a miraculous comeback in 2015, earning AP comeback player of the year.

Berry made a lot of game-changing plays last season, most notably his interception return for a two-point conversion that won the game for them against the Falcons.

He also had a lengthy, but great interception return against the Panthers. Berry has been a great safety, coming up in run support, and making plays in the passing game having 9 passes defended. Eric Berry proved his worth, and got a deal because of it.

Cheer up Charles

The Chiefs have parted ways with their longtime running back Jamaal Charles.

Charles was a third-round pick in 2008 and achieved stardom in the 2009 season. Charles is Kansas City's all-time leading rusher with 7,260 yards. Injuries have derailed his career, having missed two seasons due to ACL injuries in 2011 and 2015. He missed 14 games in 2013, and in 2016 he missed a total of 13 games. Charles' career had some bright spots, setting the single game rushing record for the Chiefs in 2010 against the Raiders (259).

Jamaal Charles will be able to hit the free agent market, joining another great back Adrian Peterson. Nobody knows if Charles will be able to return to form, which will impact the teams interested in him. The Chiefs have confidence in Spencer Ware, who took Charles place last year, who rushed for 921 last season. Ware averaged 4.3 yards per carry and is the projected starter next season.

Berry cashed in today on a deal making him the highest paid safety. The Chiefs let go of Jamaal Charles, eyeing a future in Ware and making a tough decision on a great player. The Chiefs haven't used their franchise tag, and they have until Wednesday to use it.