For Buffalo Bills’ fans, watching Dan Carpenter attempt extra points and field goals the past two years was like watching your roulette ball teeter between black or red. You never knew if the football would sail through the uprights. Many fans cursed at their flatscreens. Carpenter missed five extra points in 2016 and six the previous season. Not good enough for the Bills’ administration. They cut Carpenter last week and signed former Seattle Seahawks kicker Stephen Hauschka to a new $12.4 million deal this past Thursday.

Hauschka’s reliable foot

Last year, Hauschka made 33 out of 37 field goals. That is more than Carpenter. The former Buffalo kicker missed six field goals this past season. While they are equal in extra points missed in 2016, Hauschka only flubbed on four the year before. That is still an upgrade over the unsteady Carpenter. His inconsistency forced a few punts that Rex Ryan probably would have called for field goals if he had been more reliable.

Playoff experience

Stephen Hauschka has more post-season experience than Dan has had. The former Bills’ kicker only had one playoff game when he was with the Miami Dolphins. Hauschka has also capitalized on field goals of 50 yards or more. With one Super Bowl win and two appearances under his belt, Hauschka is who you want on your team.

Nailing the kickoff

Hauschka was solid on kicking off last year. He was in the top 15 for touchbacks. Carpenter had some issues with kickoffs during the last half of the season. Hauschka had 54 touchbacks, while Carpenter only had 28. That is almost double for the new Bills’ kicker and good stat for his future Buffalo career.

All weather guy

Hauschka has played in the cold and warm weather for teams such as the Vikings, Broncos, Atlanta, and Detroit. Kicking in different weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and snow is a definite plus in NFL games where 3 points often decide the winners. There are conspiracy theories that Scott Norwood's Super Bowl 25 wide right attempt was due to a sudden gust of the wind from jets that flew over the field. Let's hope that Hauschka has better luck.

Welcome to the team.