It seems like ages have passed since Aaron Rodgers truly competed for a Super Bowl. Rodgers won one against the Steelers in 2010, but the Packers haven't been back to that point since. A reason for that problem lies in the inability of the Packers front office to surround Rodgers with a quality roster that he can work with. He's traditionally lacked a running back, and the defense has struggled throughout his tenure as Green Bay's quarterback. Last season, the Packers faced questions about their head coach and team after a 4-6 start. Rodgers and the Packers rescued their season by winning all remaining games, but still didn't make it to another Super Bowl.

Which positions should the Packers draft in 2017 to give Rodgers enough help to compete?

1. Cornerback.

The Packers were annihilated by the Falcons in the playoffs thanks to a defense that couldn't contain Matt Ryan or Julio Jones. That was a common theme during the regular season, as the Packers defense was filled with holes. In a deep draft at the position, the Packers should consider drafting multiple players at the position who can contribute and fill gaps quickly.

2. Running Back.

With Eddie Lacy gone, the Packers have a pressing need at the running back position. Ty Montgomery is a hybrid wide receiver/running back and should not be viewed as a long term option there. Instead, the Packers could turn to free agent running backs like Adrian Peterson.

But it would make much more sense for Green Bay to draft a younger running back who could be a player that Aaron Rodgers would rely upon in the future. A versatile player like Christian McCaffery, with the ability to play in three and four wide receiver sets, might make sense for Green Bay.

3. Guard.

Green Bay was left with a gaping hole at the position after T.J.

Lang left the team. The protection of Aaron Rodgers is a huge priority for a Packers team that relies upon him to win games. If the Packers don't draft a guard or sign one in free agency, Rodgers will be left with far less protection than he had last season. The Packers and their fans can't afford an injury to their best player and need to have a high quality offensive line to protect him.