The Green Bay Packers saved their season last year by ripping off six straight wins after a 4-6 start to the year. Running back Eddie Lacy started the year strong, averaging five yards per carry, but was stopped by an injury. Now that Lacy has signed with the Seattle Seahawks, the Packers will have to look elsewhere for answers at the running back position.

Free Agent Running Backs?

There are some who would suggest that the Packers could sign a free agent to fill the gap at running back. Why? Any of the free agents out there right now would serve only as a short term solution.

Adrian Peterson might be one of the best running backs ever, but he's also over 30 years old. LeGarrette Blount is in the same situation. Jamaal Charles is also 30 years old and has struggled with injuries in the past few seasons. Any of these players would serve only as a stopgap and not as a player for the future. And that's why the Packers should focus on finding talent in the 2017 NFL draft.

Draft a Running Back.

There's plenty of talent in the 2017 NFL draft. And there's a ton of talent at the running back position, which should work to the Packers advantage. Highly talented players like Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, and Christian McCaffery are available in this draft. It would make a lot of sense for the Packers to draft a versatile player like McCaffery, who would fit right in with the Packers offense.

But even if the Packers don't draft one of the top three players, there will be talent available in the later rounds. The Packers should take advantage of that talent and draft not just one, but two young running backs. This would give Green Bay two chances to hit on a running back who could finally help give Aaron Rodgers the rushing attack that he has been lacking for his entire career.

Defense Issues.

It is true that the main problem of the Packers last season and in the playoffs was defense, but running back should also be a priority for Green Bay. Even if the Packers spend their first round pick on defense, they should try to add running back talent at some point in the draft. Green Bay might just find their running back of the future, instead of relying on a guy who might give them two or three years of solid production.