There's no doubt that Adrian Peterson was once one of the best Running Backs in the NFL. He's a seven time Pro Bowler and led the NFL in rushing yardage in three different seasons. In 2012, Peterson rushed for 2097 yards, nine yards short of the rushing record, a feat that may never be repeated in today's pass heavy NFL. His historic season and ability to almost single handedly lift the Vikings to a playoff berth allowed Adrian Peterson to earn the MVP award. Despite all of his great accomplishments with the Vikings, it wouldn't make sense for Green Bay to sign the running back.

Why Not Adrian?

Peterson is already 32 years old and past the age at which most running backs start to exit their primes. For a unique player like Peterson, it could be different, but why waste time on an unsure solution? At best, Adrian would be a stopgap solution whose career would likely end within three years. Green Bay should be looking for a long term solution who can contribute to the team for a significant period of time, not a stopgap like Peterson.

Injuries are another reason why Peterson should be avoided. In 2011, tore both his ACL and MCL. Adrian came back effectively after this very serious injury. But in 2016, he tore his right meniscus. At this point in his career, Peterson is even more injury prone and cannot be relied upon as a legitimate option at the position.

At this point, the Packers should turn to younger options available in the draft.

Running Back Draft Options.

There's a ton of talent in the 2017 NFL draft at the position. Christian McCaffery, the versatile running back from Stanford, would make a lot of sense for a team that loves to run three and four wide receiver sets. He can catch passes and also pass blocks effectively, and should be available when the Packers select at the end of the first round.

Other highly talented first round talent includes LSU star Leonard Fournette and Florida State running back Dalvin Cook. But even if the Packers don't land a first round talent, they can still draft another player in the later rounds who can become Green Bay's running back of the future.