The Green Bay Packers are looking to fill a couple of holes in its roster when it comes to the running backs position. Up until now, the talk of the town has been that the team is going to be going after a veteran to take the place of Eddie Lacy. It is possible the Packers might even sign Lacy once again. While he continues to rehab, the team has been looking at other options, including players like Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. Now a new report indicates that instead of healing veterans, the Packers might instead decide to go through the draft.

The franchise might even draft two rookies in this year's pool.

Young running backs are all the rage

When it comes to this year's draft, the Green Bay Packers are far from the only franchise looking long and hard at the running backs who will be available. Thanks to players like Ezekiel Elliot, the NFL is starting to really, really like rookie running backs.

Teams like Green Bay, who have holes in their running game might be intrigued by the Eddie Lacy's and Adrian Petersons of the world, but they're obviously also interested in seeing what younger legs might bring. For the Green Bay Packers, it can often feel as though the right running back would make the offense nearly unstoppable.

Plenty to chose from

The 2017 draft class has got some good ones that the Green Bay Packers are apparently taking a long look at. One of those that has gotten quite a bit of attention from the Packers is former Florida State runner Dalvin Cook, Wisconsin's Corey Clement and Stanford's Christian McCaffrey are just three of a pretty deep running back class.

According to, Clement has heard it from a couple of scouts that the Packers are going to be drafting two running backs. It's a safe bet someone wanted Clement to believe that Green Bay might be looking at the in-state player. One has to wonder who the second back the team is looking at might be. Perhaps we'll get to see when draft weekend officially kicks off. Who the Packers choose could be a surprise to everyone.