This season hasn't gone well for the Chicago Bulls and Dwyane Wade, as they are struggling to keep it together and secure a playoff spot. The Bulls were one of the best teams in the East in the first month of the season, but they have been very inconsistent every since, which caused them to fall out of playoff picture.

In their last game in Boston, Chicago Bulls and Dwyane Wade put on an awful show. They scored only 9 points in the first quarter and had 26 at the half. Chicago lost the game by 20 points and Wade scored only 8. However, the 35-year old shooting guard had his best moment off the court, when he responded to the fan who was Trash Talking, reminding him how many rings he has.

Dwyane Wade is motivated by trash talkers

Chicago Bulls were playing really bad against the Celtics and Wade did not spend much time on the floor as it was too late to make a comeback. However, if there was enough time left in the game, there is no doubt that Dwyane Wade would do a great job as he gets motivated by trash talkers, and that's what he has done throughout his entire career. Haters and doubters are his fuel, and the shooting guard uses that fuel to dominate.

The best example of trash talking to Dwyane Wade was in last year's playoffs when the Miami Heat and Wade faced off against the Charlotte Hornets.

It was the first round of the postseason and the Hornets were looking to beat the Heat and advance. They had a good chance to do so, but during game 6 in Charlotte, one fan was trash talking to Wade, which turned the shooting guard into a beast, as he scored a few clutch baskets, helping the Heat win a valuable game.

Wade might be old, but he is still good

Dwyane Wade is 35 and past his prime, but he can still do a good job on the basketball court. Chicago played another game after this one in Boston, and they won it thanks to Wade's 23 points on a very efficient shooting. No matter what happens, the legendary guard keeps delivering and keeps playing well, proving his doubters wrong and showing how good of a basketball player he is.

Despite Chicago Bulls' awful season, Dwyane Wade still gives his best and maximum effort every night, trying to get his team into the playoffs. Besides his incredible skills on the court, Wade also does a lot off the court as he serves as a mentor to young players and as a team leader.