This season hasn't been going well for the Chicago Bulls, and they are on another losing streak. Dwyane Wade, who signed with the Bulls last summer, expressed his frustration with the team management after a tough loss against the Boston Celtics, but it is unlikely that things will change in Chicago.

At the moment, Chicago Bulls are 1.5 games behind the eighth seed, but considering how bad they have played lately, it won't be surprising if Dwyane Wade and rest of the squad don't make it to the playoffs.

Chicago Bulls are on a losing streak

Dwyane Wade and the Bulls are on a 5-game losing streak and they haven't won a game since March 2.

Before their losing streak, the Bulls were seventh in the East and it seemed they would secure a playoff spot. Less than two weeks after it, they are out of playoff picture and it will be extremely hard for them to climb back to the same spot they were in before.

Chicago Bulls have 16 games left to figure things out, and half of them are against playoff teams. The Bulls will have four back-to-back games in the last 30 days of the season, and they will have to win most of them if they want to make the playoffs. The streak the Bulls are on right now is their longest losing streak of this season, and two out of their next three games are on the road.

Front office is making things harder for players

Chicago Bulls have arguably one of the worst managements in the league and their fans are unhappy with how they have been leading the team. Gar Forman, who is team's general manager, is often blamed for the current situation, and he hasn't done anything good to fix the problems.

Beside Forman, team's vice president John Paxson is also in the hot seat as many fans want them fired.

Last straw was management's trade deadline move that made the roster weaker by sending some of the most valuable players to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Bulls sent their best shooter, Doug McDermott and a great big man Taj Gibson to Oklahoma, getting almost nothing in return. Dwyane Wade has every right to criticize the front office, as they are one of the biggest reasons for the Chicago Bulls woes.

With 16 games left in the season, it will be hard for the Chicago Bulls to find a solution for their problems. However, the Bulls still have Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, who are great players, and as long as they are on the team, anything is possible. As long as they stick close to the eighth seed in the conference, they will have a chance to make it to the postseason, and fans should not lose their hope just yet.