The Cleveland Cavaliers came into the 2016-2017 NBA season with high expectations after overcoming a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA championship. The pressure for a repeat is on as both LeBron James and the Cavaliers inch closer to the playoffs. But what seed will the Cavaliers receive once in the playoffs?

NBA Seeding.

It was once a foregone conclusion that the Cavaliers would again win the Eastern Conference and earn the top seed. Now, things are much more blurry. The Cavaliers have a 47-25 record, but are just half a game ahead of the Celtics, who have a 47-26 record.

The Wizards aren't far behind either with a 45-28 record. And even the Raptors, who sit with a 44-29 record, are just 3.5 games back. That means things in the Eastern Conference are open and that any one of these teams could overtake the Cavaliers with a strong finish to the season.

End of the Regular Season.

The Cavaliers have ten games remaining, and they won't be easy ones. On Monday, March 27th, the Cavaliers will travel to San Antonio. Cleveland also has a critical road game in Boston on April 5th. If Boston continues to play well, that game could easily be for the one seed in the East. LeBron James and the Cavaliers would probably love to have home court advantage in the playoffs, but do they really care?

Does it Even Matter?

According to the Cavaliers, a one seed doesn't matter to them. In the playoffs, home court advantage matters a little bit, but it certainly isn't a determining factor in who wins. However, even if LeBron James claims it doesn't matter, he has to be worried about his team's performance.

The Cavaliers recently allowed 71 first half points to the Wizards, a defensive trend that can't continue if Cleveland is going to repeat as champions again.

If Washington can score that many points, how many points will the Golden State Warriors, who have far more offensive firepower, put up? And although home court advantage isn't huge, it is an advantage that the Cavaliers would lose if they continue to collapse late in the season.