The Redskins have been in the news in recent days thanks to their brand new rule proposals that they want to see implemented. First, Washington proposed a rule that would benefit kicker Dustin Hopkins on kickoffs. Those kickers who hit it through the uprights would be rewarded with 5 extra yards of field position. Then, Washington proposed a rule that would eliminate the requirement for The Redskins to wear Color Rush uniforms. That would allow the Redskins to avoid wearing the "garish" uniforms associated with the promotion. Now the Redskins have another rule change they'd like to see.

Washington Proposes New Rule.

Challenges are difficult in the NFL. Coaches only receive two, and lose them if they incorrectly challenge a play. Washington wants to see the challenge process reformed. In a rule proposal submitted to the NFL, the Redskins suggest that teams receive unlimited challenges.

The current rule allows for a maximum of three challenges, which happens only when coaches get the first two correct. The proposal from Washington would allow a team to have unlimited challenges, as long as head coaches continue to get them right.

Under the current NFL rules, all touchdowns and turnovers may be reviewed, which prevents the need for a lot of challenges. However, it doesn't totally eliminate the aspect of challenges from the game.

Would the NFL really be willing to accept Washington's proposal?

Would NFL Really Accept?

It's hard to see the NFL accepting a rule proposal that would slow down the game. Roger Goodell is already searching for ways to speed up the review process, and more reviews would slow down the games even more. Fans are tired of waiting 10 minutes just to see a review and wouldn't be too happy with unlimited challenges granted to opposing head coaches.

It's an interesting proposal, and the Redskins are clearly interested in seeing major rule changes in the NFL prior to the 2017 NFL season. However, it doesn't look like this specific rule proposal is going to gain traction anytime soon.