If you've been wondering why Alshon Jeffery signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, he wants to make sure you know it isn't because Adam Schefter told him to. In fact, it appears that if you were to suggest advice from members of the media drove Jeffery to the Eagles, you're going to get an earful. The wide receiver, who has never been shy about letting his opinion be known, took to Twitter on Thursday night in order to "set the record straight." It appears the former Chicago Bear feels as though he needs to set the record straight because of a report that surfaced a few days ago on Sports Illustrated's MMQB website.

Reported bizarre phone call from the new Philadelphia Eagle

The report comes during an article where Sports Illustrated reporter was shadowing Schefter for another story. According to the story, Schefter took a call from Jeffery, who wanted to know how much other free agent receivers were making. The ESPN personality told the now Philadelphia Eagles player a number of different contract numbers for Torrey Smith, Pierre Garcon and others. After he went through the other contracts Schefter told Jeffery that it was all about the guarantee. "Your average per year could be $100 million. It doesn’t matter. If they’re going to guarantee you the majority of the contract, that’s what you want."

The advice was given to the Philadelphia Eagles player in hopes of getting a scoop back

Schefter, according to Philly.com, told the reporter that was at his side that he gives these kinds of pointers to players every now and then.

The ESPN personality says he does it because he hopes the players will give him the scoop when they decide to sign. Interestingly, Jeffery did not call Schefter when he decided to sign with the Eagles. He went to another ESPN personality. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Jeffery has been so adamant about denying this report. It's also possible he simply finds it embarassing that he had to ask someone other than his agent how he could get the best deal from the Philadelphia Eagles.