The Philadelphia Eagles appear to be turning over every rock when it comes to signing one or two wide receivers this offseason. While there are still a few hours of waiting on the horizon if the team wants to go after one of the true free agents, there are a couple of players who are out there now, thanks to being cut by their former teams.

Among the players who have recently joined the growing list of targets for the Philadelphia Eagles is former Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers receiver, Torrey Smith. If, as an Eagles fan, you aren't too excited about the prospect of Smith coming over, you're likely not alone but he could count as a dark horse candidate to have a decent 2017 season.

Hampered by bad quarterback play

While most Philadelphia fans who look up Smith's stats are going to be very underwhelmed by his 20 catches for 267 yards and three touchdowns, there is the caveat that his quarterbacks last year were awful. It's not a stretch to say there wasn't a worse passing team in the NFL, especially when it comes to receivers being able to expect balls thrown at them, to reach them.

The Philadelphia Eagles would likely be looking to see if Smith could return to the form that made him a commodity in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 he nabbed 65 catches for 1,128 yards. In 2014, he was a touchdown machine. Despite getting just 49 passes for 767 yards, he found the end zone 11 times.

Capable backup

As ProFootballTalk points out, Smith almost joined the Philadelphia Eagles last year. There were legitimate trade talks that emerged surrounding the receiver but a final deal was never reached. These days, it's a safe bet Smith would not be someone Philadelphia is looking to make a star, but rather a body the Eagles could use for depth.

When you have a young quarterback like Carson Wentz looking for targets, it can never hurt to get as many proven veterans as possible. The real question for the Eagles is going to be what his price tag might be and just how many suitors the team will have to fight off.