Ever since Shawn Michaels retired from the WWE, many fans have wondered if he has really wrestled his final match. Unlike many past WWE superstars who retired and then returned to the ring, Michaels has kept his word and remained retired from in-ring competition, although he still returns occasionally for an in-ring segment. However, in a recent podcast interview with Sam Roberts, Shawn said that the WWE offered him a match at "Wrestlemania 33" this year against A.J. Styles.

'WrestleMania 33' and Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels said in the podcast that the WWE approached him and said that they didn't have an opponent for A.J.

Styles for "WrestleMania 33" and offered him a chance to come out of retirement for what would be a major WWE dream match for many fans. Much like how the Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker match is seen as a passing-of-the-torch match, the same could be held true for a match between Michaels and Styles. If there is anyone in the WWE today that compares well to Shawn Michaels, it is A.J., a wrestler who sets out to steal the show everytime he gets into the ring. Shawn said that, when the WWE asked if he wanted the match, he said that he wishes Styles had been in the WWE 10-years ago because he would have jumped at the chance.

AJ Styles and "WrestleMania 33"

Because Shawn Michaels won't be wrestling A.J.

Styles at "WrestleMania 33," the Phenomenal One will instead get into the ring with Shane McMahon for a match that is nowhere near as anticipated as one against Michaels would have been. There is no doubt that McMahon will do whatever is needed to put over Styles and Shane has always put his body through hell to entertain the WWE fans.

However, when looking at dream matches for Styles, it is Shawn Michaels that tops that list. However, interestingly, Michaels has been on record to say that he feels that the dream match would be a great one but it isn't one that he dreams of. Instead, Shawn said that he would love to wrestle Samoa Joe or Kevin Owens because the contrast of styles is what always made his matches great in the past.