NBA commissioner Adam Silver made it know that resting players isn't something that should continue to trend around the NBA. He sent out a league memo, making it known that this issue will be talked about during the next NBA board of governors meeting on April 6th in New York. He explains that there will be "significant penalties" if teams don't notify league office before a players sits out due to rest. Silver has done well during his tenure as commissioner in the NBA, but will everyone agree with his feelings regarding player rest.

Resting cost

It might seem like Adam Silver and the NBA have an issue of coaches or GMs resting players, but it's not that black and white. It's the timing of when they rest the players. The NBA has a Saturday Showcase where fans get a chance to see the top teams and talent in the NBA on a local channel. It brings in a lot of revenue for the NBA, causing a rise in the salary cap the last season. So when people pay money to see the top talent in the NBA, and they don't get to see them due to rest, it makes them upset. Silver says the decisions can have an impact on "fans and business partners" and the "reputation and perception of our game." (ESPN)

The most recent case happened on the ABC Saturday Showcase event, where the Cavaliers rested their starters against the Clippers Saturday March 18th.

It wasn't a great game as the Cavs were blown out by 30, and fans and analyst alike weren't happy. LeBron James was one of the players who rested, but he said there is "really nothing the league can do." (ESPN) The league called the Cavs to explain the displeasure, so the commissioner was bound to make a statement on it. Silver isn't upset about the rest of players, as stats and science prove it, he is more concerned about the financial consequences of resting players in nationally televised games, which could impact the players themselves.

One goal

The NBA realizes the season is a tough season that wears the body down, and they have already made moves on trying to make the season easier for the players. The NBA has reduced the number of preseason games (who really watches the preseason) and extended the regular season by a week. This can help reduce injuries and give more rest to the players in between games.

Silver said in his all-star conference February "That extra week in our schedule will enable us to cut down on the back-to-backs, cut down on the number of times that our teams are obligated to play four games in five nights , and it will enable coaches to provide additional rest for their players. (ESPN).

Silver isn't blind to the fact that fatigue contributes to injury, which is why he is working with the teams to make the season more manageable. But he does understand that fans who buy tickets always want to see the top talent when they come. Silver is trying to tweak the NBA schedule with the help of players and coaches, to find the right balance. Rest is needed for players, but when they rest is the bigger issue.

Adam Silver is in a tough spot. His memo was a warning to teams about rest, but it's more focused to when they rest. According to ESPN, Silver is in the works of getting the season to an easier grind and, along with others, are focused on "striking the right balance."