NBA commissioner Adam Silver and NBA players' association President Chris Paul have spoken at length about possible changes for next season's all-star game. This comes just weeks after a public outcry due to the most unwatchable NBA all-star game of all-time. Nobody played defense, and the final score of 192-182 was far less fun to watch than one would think. Silver said the two had discussed potentially allowing team captains from each league to pick the all-star team starters, as well as adding a 4-point shot.

NBA all-stars drafting their teams

NBA players' association President Chris Paul suggested that two all-star team captains pick the teams, much like a pickup game anywhere else in the country. However, other sports have tried this as well, and it's frankly not very exciting. Fans like to have a vesting interest in any game they watch, and as silly as it may be fans are loyal to their favorite team's conference. Mixing players up or allowing a select few veterans to pick the starters would be a huge mistake in my opinion. While fan voting can create some awkward possibilities, such as Zaza Pachulia almost being voted a starter by his home country of Georgia, it's a lot more fun this way. The all-star game is an exhibition match.

I understand why some players take it more seriously, as it's a great honor, but watching fans stuff the ballot box for one guy is almost always entertaining. That's why it'd be a mistake to give the players the power. However, Paul's other idea was a great one.

NBA adding 4 pointer

NBA commissioner Adam Silver seemed most excited by the idea of adding a 4-pointer for the all-star game.

It certainly would be a lot of fun to watch LeBron James and Steph Curry take turns shooting from 30 feet every once in a while, and it would allow teams to keep the game closer if it got out of hand as it has in the past. Obviously, this kind of addition would only be for the all-star game, but it's not too far-fetched to imagine a future NBA with a real 4 pointer.

As players continue to become better and better shooters, it seems inevitable at some point. For now, though, it'd simply make the all-star game much more enjoyable to watch. Here's to hoping the NBA follows through with at least this change.