The Cleveland Cavaliers made headlines for all the wrong reasons after the game Saturday night against the Clippers. Many already heard the news that the Cavs decided to sit LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love during that game, citing 'rest' as their reason for holding the star players out. Well the fans didn't appreciate it, and neither did the NBA. The NBA reportedly called the Cavs to say they were 'not happy' about the situation. People of the media have chimed in as well, saying resting stars isn't good for the sport, especially Saturday night games.

But do the Cavs have a good reason for resting them?

Good reasons

The Cavs rested Kevin Love, who is coming off of knee surgery. Love is only four weeks removed from the injury, and is on a minutes restriction. Playing him in back to backs isn't the best idea for the Cavs if they want to bring home a championship. Kyrie has been dealing with knee soreness for the past week, which needs to be addressed before they begin the playoffs. LeBron James is playing almost every game for a high number of minutes, which will wear the body down regardless if you're a freak of nature like James. The players need to rest, especially if they are nursing injuries, looking ahead for the playoffs and not just a game.

That might be the issue for the NBA and fans alike. The media and fans gauge a player's greatness on how many championships he has. In order to win a championship, you must be healthy throughout the long grind of the playoffs. Players realize with today's technology that resting as much as you can will result in long-term health and effectiveness in the playoffs.

Players realize that rings matter so much that they are willing to take days off just to make sure they have a shot at ring. It sounds crazy but it's the monster media and fans have built.

Bad timing

The Cavs decided to sit their big three on the NBA Saturday Showcase night. That game is specifically broadcasted so people who usually don't see the stars play, can see them play on national TV.

Not to mention it was in LA, where the Cavs only travel to once every season. The Saturday Showcase is meant for big names playing in the spotlight, not 40 year olds in Richard Jefferson playing heavy minutes. The timing was bad on the Cavs part, and they heard about it. With the money the NBA is dishing out to make the Saturday Showcase a big thing for fans, to sit your starters when this is the only time they might see them is really disappointing.

This wasn't the first time the Saturday Showcase lacked star-power. The Warriors also sat four of their key players against the Spurs. The NBA is trying to find a solution to the problem, but there really is nothing they can do. Players need rest and it's up to the coaches discretion when to rest them.

Greg Popovich was fined years ago for resting starters, but that's overboard. All the NBA can do is fix the season schedule and make it easier, with less back to backs and long road trips, and they have started that already.

The NBA is getting restless with all these teams resting players. But the Cavs are more focused on winning championships, just like every other team. The timing was bad, but they have good reason to rest their starters. Do the Cavs deserve the criticism they are getting for this, or is this just a situation blown out of proportions?