Monday night's match-up between top-ranked Uconn and eighth ranked Syracuse was a battle beyond belief. UCONN's Kia Nurse, a part of the past two Husky championship teams, was on a shooting-streak nothing shy of amazing. She scored 29 points, with 26 of those in the first half. If that wasn't amazing enough, she knocked down nine out of twelve 3-point shots, a new NCAA tournament record.

With UCONN's winning streak marching full steam ahead and leading the list of one of basketball's most phenomenal feats, it is difficult to comprehend that the UCONN women may be creating even more hoops excitement.

Kia Nurse and the rest of the team

Nurse brought down the house with her record setting three-point shooting during the first half. Nine three-point buckets places her on a short list of basketball players -- women and men alike -- who have given rise to why this tournament is called March Madness. Her record-setting feat was incredible, however, it was only a part of UCONN's incredible team play on Monday night.

Three additional players -- Napheesa Collier, Katie Lou Samuelson, and Gabby Williams -- scored in double digits. The team shooting percentage was over 62%, plus they made 80% of their free throws. All aspects of their game against Syracuse were on point, and according to their coach, Geno Auriemma, UCONN succeeded because the team played as a team.

What is next for UCONN

March 25th, the Huskies will face fourth seeded UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen. The Bruins are also coming off a stunning victory against Texas A & M (75-43). UCLA's Kari Korver landed seven three-pointers to put her team in a position to play against UCONN. Three UCLA players, including Korver, finished in double digits, and their 56.6 shooting percentage was nothing to sneeze at.

UCONN has plans to continue forward to 110 wins and beyond. With only four games between them and the 2017 NCAA championship, the end is in sight. However, with each passing game, that end becomes more challenging than ever.

Clearly, the madness of March Madness is in full swing.