The Eagles traded up in the draft to land quarterback Carson Wentz last season. He performed admirably for a rookie, but the Eagles still struggled to reach a record of 7-9. A major part of the problem was the Wide Receivers on the team, who seemed to drop more passes than any other team. Jordan Matthews was the only consistent wide receiver on a Philadelphia offense that could use a lot more production from its wide receivers.

1. Alshon Jeffery.

The Bears wide receiver is by far the best wide receiver to hit the open market. Jeffery is a huge target and that type of physical receiver is something that the Eagles are sorely lacking on offense right now.

Adding another 1000 yard wide receiver like Jeffery to the offense would go a long way in ensuring that Wentz has a reliable target. Alshon won't be cheap, but he'll be worth the hefty price tag for an offense that needs a player like him.

2. Mike Williams.

If the Clemson receiver falls to the Eagles in the first round, they would be crazy not to take him. The bigger receiver made huge plays throughout the college football season and came up big on a national stage. Williams provides both spectacular catches and consistently solid play and should absolutely be drafted if the Eagles can get him in the fifteenth position. If Philadelphia really likes him, they can even trade up for the coveted star.

3. Corey Ross.

It's much more likely that Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Ross will be available at the fifteenth pick. Ross is more of an unknown because he has played against such weak competition, but he has proved that he has the physical skill set and height at 6 foot 3 to compete at a NFL level. He might be an unknown, but Ross would still be an upgrade over a majority of the wide receivers currently on the Eagles.

4. DeSean Jackson.

Jordan Matthews is a slot guy who runs some solid routes. DeSean is a completely different type of receiver. He's faster than almost everyone who attempts to cover him and runs in a straight line down the field most of the time. The Eagles currently lack a deep threat like Jackson and could use a guy like him on the team. Plus, DeSean has already suggested that a return to the Eagles would be a "great story." That means he is already in full support of the idea.