The Redskins didn't make the playoffs in 2016 thanks to a late loss to a Giants team that didn't even need the victory. Afterwards, nobody was complaining too much about the play of quarterback Kirk Cousins, who had a decent year. But a recent report suggesting a possible trade between the 49ers and Redskins should have NFL fans wondering: Who would play quarterback for the Washington Redskins instead?

1. Tyrod Taylor.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback had an excellent year in an offense that led the NFL in rushing yardage. Taylor's unique rushing ability paired with his decent skill set as a passer make him one of the more intriguing players in the league.

Taylor only threw for slightly over 3000 passing yards in 2016, but he led all quarterbacks in rushing and also took excellent care of the ball. If Cousins did leave Washington, Taylor would be the best option in free agency for the Redskins.

2. Tony Romo.

At 36 years old, Romo won't be a long term answer for anybody. But he could easily fill the role of stopgap quarterback for any team that needs one. The experienced quarterback usually has very solid years when he is healthy and would probably love getting two shots with the Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys every single year.

3. Potential Draft Options.

The next best options exist in the NFL draft, if certain players are available. High level prospects like Mitch Trubinsky and DeShaun Watson aren't clear cut stars, but they could be developed into stars with time.

The only question is whether or not these players would be available for the Redskins at pick number 17. If not, it's probably not worth reaching for a developmental prospect in the first round.

4. Jay Cutler.

At this point, we're looking at the weakest of the potential replacement quarterbacks. The Bears haven't wanted Cutler for the last few years and are still looking to get rid of him via trade.

But Chicago will probably release him and his contract if there are no takers. That means Washington could sign an average player like Cutler at an affordable price while spending money to address issues elsewhere on the team.