The NBA All-Star game, the finale for All-Star Weekend certainly lived up to expectations unlike the events prior. The best of the NBA put it on the hardwood and played it out. This all-star game was full of laughs, dunks, lobs, threes and did I mention dunks? The defense was basically non-existent the whole game, and that seemed to be a problem for many except the fans.

With points be given out like free samples at Costco Wholesale, the all-star game points record was broken along with many other records as the West All-Stars defeated the East All-Stars 192-182.

Yes, you did read that score right don't second guess yourself.

Dunks, Threes, and Lobs oh my!

The NBA All-Star game was nothing short of sports entertainment. There were powerful dunks, which definitely made up for the utterly disappointing dunk contest Saturday night. First-time all-star Giannis Antentokounmpo started the dunks off early has he put on an assault at the rim. All-star veteran Lebron James got on the action catching lobs and throwing down ferocious dunks. (Wouldn't we love to see Lebron in the dunk contest?) Even 5'9'' all-star Isaiah Thomas tried to get in on the action with a self-assisted dunk; he didn't complete it.

There were also three-pointers galore, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson dropped three-point bombs, and James Harden had an unintentional three-pointer, as it was meant to be a lob to Anthony Davis.

The defense this game was not in the game plan as the players put on a show for the fans with alley-oops, three-point bombs and lots of glitz and glamor. They play defense for 82+ games a season so giving it a night off when fans aren't interested in seeing it isn't going to hurt anybody (except Kawhi Leonard).

Re-write the record books

With a lot of offense and no defense in this all-star game, it was expected that many all-star game records would be broken this year. Both teams combined for 101 points in the first quarter alone which broke the record for most points in a half. Both teams made a total of 83 field goals which is another record.

One of the records that have been around had been the most points by a single player. It was held by the great Wilt Chamberlain, who scored 42 in the 1962 All-Star Game.

Anthony Davis gave his hometown fans something to cheer about, scoring 52 points and taking home the MVP award. The game ended with a total combined score of 374 points, by far the most in an all-star game. Both teams shot roughly 58 percent, which is the highest FG percentage in an all-star game. I could bore you with more records, but I'd rather not. NBA All-Star Weekend ended with a high scoring, high flying affair, and many fans were pleased with that.

One of the best moments was when Kevin Durant lobbed up an alley-oop to former teammate and now so called "enemy" Russell Westbrook early in the game.

It was a moment that wasn't hyped up by them, but everyone else exploded with joy including the West teammates. Twitter had fun with that play, and that shows that if they can connect on an alley-oop, you should be able to text your ex. As all-star weekend ends, we are left with disappointment in the dunk contest, but a rather satisfying all-star game.