NBA All-Star Saturday night is the highlight of NBA All-Star weekend with the skills challenge, the three-point challenge and the dunk contest. Many people were excited about the dunk contest as last year's runner-up, Aaron Gordon of the Magic, who returned for a second straight year, was looking to top last years performance. Glenn Robinson III was a major underdog this year, many not even realizing he was a participant until they tuned in. Derrick Jones Jr, who has been a D-League player for most of the year, was a dark horse, as many have seen his outrageous dunks on YouTube, but not sure if he could handle the spotlight.

Deandre Jordan was the first big man in the contest in a while, and many unsure if he can channel his inner "Dwight Howard" trying to bring home a dunk championship. Many were excited about the contest, but before it was over, many were filled with disappointment.

Nothing to see here

Many of the dunks in the first round were very lackluster. Deandre Jordan tried to win with creativity as he called upon the ultimate motivator, DJ Khaled to help him out. With Khaled at the turntables, and on Snapchat, he held the ball in the air as Jordan jumped over the turntables and put forth a creative, but not powerful dunk. Aaron Gordon had the most creativity calling upon an Intel drone, to descend onto the court and drop serve the ball to him.

If it was completed the first time it would've been memorable, but Gordon couldn't dunk it until the fourth attempt. Jones Jr. jumped over four people, and Robinson dunked over two people stacked on top of each other.

In the second round of dunks, Jones Jr. had probably the best dunk of the night as he used current Suns player Devin Booker to toss the ball off the side of the backboard as Jones Jr.

caught it, in between the legs dunk. Robinson attempted to dab while dunking which looked dysfunctional, and Gordon and Jordan's aren't worth mentioning. The first round wasn't all that impressive, and neither was the championship round.

Not worth the time

The championship round wasn't anything to remember, and that's the truth.

Robinson III started off with jumping over teammate Paul George windmill dunk. It wasn't a championship round dunk, many believed he should of used that in the first round. Jones Jr. was served a bounce pass from the in the paint as he put it between his legs and dunked it. Like I said, nothing exciting there either. Robinson sealed up the victory, with a dunk over Paul George, Pacers Mascot and a cheerleader. That dunk had some ferocity, which made it look and sound better than it actually did. Congrats to Glenn Robinson III, as he earned it.

This year's dunk contest was really bad. There was limited creativity, many failed attempts, and no aggressiveness. Many dunk contest I remember had dunks that had anger in it, and made you make that stank face you make when you smell something terrible.

Personally, I was left wanting more from the dunk contest and many felt the same way. After last year's contest, which was arguably one of the best, it took a big drop off, and until Zach Lavine makes a return I'm not looking forward to any more dunk contest. I would say watch the highlights, but you probably have something better to do with your time.