The Nebraska football team, under Mike Riley has never been accused of setting its sights too low when it comes to offering recruits. In fact, to some degree, there are people who believe they might be aiming a bit too high. For those people, Mike Riley often has the retort that you can't be the best, unless you go after the best. Such is the case with the latest scholarship offer to a five-star wide receiver from the state of Louisiana. Considering the competition, it's going to be a tall order to reel in Terrace Marshall but the Huskers are officially in the race.

Huskers are 23rd team to offer

When it comes to the schools that the Nebraska football team is going up against, it might take less time to lay out what programs haven't come calling for Terrace Marshall. Considering the wide receiver out of Bossier City, Louisiana is the third best receiver in the entire 2018 class and the top player in his state, it should come as no surprise that schools like Alabama and LSU have come calling.

It appears as though the entire SEC has decided they need to become suitors for the young stud, as well as most of the Texas schools and UCLA.

Perhaps as an ode to just how far the Huskers are willing to go in order to get a player they want, is the fact that Nebraska is the only school from the Big 10 that has offered Wallace.

Consistently good

One of the reasons the five-star receiver is on so many programs' wish list is because it's pretty clear his junior year was not a mirage.

The 6-4, 190 pound star had 55 catches for 1,250 yards and 15 touchdowns a year ago. His Sophomore year the player had 1,343 yards and 14 touchdowns. In other words, it appears Marshall has already reached a level of good that other high school athletes can only dream about. It's not a real surprise, after watching him put up those kinds of stats, that the Nebraska football team is going to have a tough road ahead of them if they want to try and steal him away from schools that are literally in his back yard.