It seems like Rafael Nadal, the Australian Open 2017 runner-up, is going into a new phase of his career. The start of 2017 was nothing more than a reset button for the 30-year-old Spaniard champion. Nadal played almost perfectly and booked a spot in the men's singles final in Melbourne eventually losing to Roger Federer in what was a nostalgic thriller.

But Nadal's need for a change was not over as he co-opted carlos moya into his coaching staff. With Moya acting as a lead coach, Nadal's uncle, the one who stood by his side since forever, is set take a step down from what was a fruitful partnership.

Toni Nadal will focus on the newly open tennis academy

Back in 2016, Rafael Nadal opened a tennis academy bearing his name. According to ESPN, his uncle is the one to take the strings on this particular facility. For some, the news is not that shocking as in the past there were rumors of a split especially when Nadal's results were off the regular path. According to toni nadal, by the end of 2017, Nadal will rely only on Carlos Moya's advice.

Toni insisted that there is no animosity between them and never was. The uncle-nephew partnership produced some extraordinary results over the years. Being guided by his uncle since his childhood, Nadal ended up winning 14 Grand Slam singles titles in men's singles including nine French Open titles.

To part ways when you're 30 years of age seems nothing but a bold move and a sign that you plan to stick around the professional tennis circuit even more.

Nadal's best chance to win a Grand Slam

What happened in Melbourne several weeks ago was truly amazing. Both Federer and Nadal took the most from Djokovic and Murray being ousted.

In the future, such perks might not come in their ways. For Rafael Nadal, the best chance to make another major impact is definitely the clay court and by extension, the French Open.

Having Carlos Moya as the main coach also indicate that the major goal for 2017 revolves around the clay swing in Europe. Once the Australian Open's dust settled, Nadal chose pragmatism over the enthusiasm. He withdrew from the ATP event in Rotterdam in order to give a well-deserved break to his body.