The Nebraska Football team has hit the ground running when it comes to the 2018 recruiting class. Now one of the school's top targets appears ready to make a rather big announcement. The only question now is just what the announcement might be. Isaac Taylor-Stuart has been rather active on Twitter over the last few days, announcing he had a connection with the Huskers this past middle of the week. The newest tweet teases "huge news coming out soon" but leaves it up to use to figure out what that news might be.

Scholarship offers continue rolling in

The Nebraska football team is far from the only power five school taking a long look at Taylor-Stuart. The school was one of man to be the latest to seemingly get a visit announcement, thanks to a tweet that showed the school's logo and a plane emoji. Since then, he's announced scholarship offers from Michigan and California. Despite the fact that he continues to add new schools to his list, it appears he's getting ready to narrow down in one way or another.

The newest tweet by Taylor-Stuart doesn't say how the pairing down is going to go, but "huge news" probably doesn't mean he's only going to be announcing his "top 16." Nebraska football and other schools had been warned March 25 was when this announcement was coming, but it's possible friends making announcements had convinced him to move quicker.

The competition

The Nebraska football team will be paying close attention to the news, but they are far from the only ones. It's not clear if the Huskers are even among that top 16. Taylor-Stuart has shown in the past that Nebraska is going to have to compete with schools like Alabama and USC. Michigan stands a pretty good chance of being among his favorites as well.

Nebraska has already gone toe-to-toe with conference rival Ohio State already this early part of this recruiting schedule. Unfortunately, the Huskers lost out to the Buckeyes for one of the better football players in the country. The question now is whether Taylor-Stuart is committing soon, or whether we'll wait a bit longer.