When it comes to the Nebraska Football team's approach to recruiting, it's safe to say they have decided they need to go after the best of the best. Even if the best don't end up attending the school, the Huskers are on quite a few of the top players' in the country's radar. On occasion, there is also a chance you can end up nabbing a player because you also nabbed his teammate. When it comes to Brendan Radley-Hiles, otherwise known as Bookie, the Cornhuskers are looking to get at least a trio of players from the same school.

The Nebraska football team's love affair with IMG academy

One school that is producing a ton of FBS talent this year is IMG Academy. In addition to Radley-Hiles, the Nebraska football team is going hard after at least two other players in IMG's graduating class. One can only hope that getting the love and admiration that Josh Walker has given the Huskers in the last few days will translate to his teammates. In addition to the defensive tackle showing real interest in the Cornhuskers, a wide receiver by the name of Joshua Moore has commented that the coaches appear to be forging great relationships with the players.

One can only hope the Nebraska football team can convince Bookie it would be worth his time to come see what relationships he can forge.

If they can convince him of that, it will give them a leg up.

Stiff competition for the Nebraska football team

According to CBS Sports, Radley-Hiles might have been impressed with what he's seen from the Huskers, but he isn't ready to commit just yet, In fact, there are some rather big schools that are still garnering his attention.

The Nebraska football team, as well as Florida State, UCLA, Tennessee, and Texas have shown the IMG Academy player the most love and attention.

It's still a long way off before Bookie is going to be announcing which school he is choosing. The player has long said that he won't be picking a team like Nebraska football until July 31. The good news about that is we know exactly when he's choosing his school.