President Donald Trump is a businessman at heart and his interests spread far and wide and covers sports also. An example is the Trump-branded golf course in dubai. He did not attend its opening in person but sent across his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to attend on his behalf – they were guests of honor at the ceremony that was held at Trump International Golf Club Dubai.

Before becoming President, he had announced that he would continue to retain ownership of his global business empire but, would pass on control to Donald Jr. and Eric during his tenure of being President.

That is why the sons went to Dubai to be a part of the ceremony.

UAE is a close ally of America

Speaking on the occasion, Donald Trump Jr. lavished praise on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and mentioned that the ties between it and the United States have made UAE a major hub for global trade, transport and tourism. The project for the Golf Club was undertaken in 2013 by the Trump Organisation and Dubai-listed developer DAMAC Properties.

Donald Trump Jr. also lauded Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the all-in-all of Dubai as a great visionary.

The opening ceremony had fireworks apart from some classical music. Eric Trump hinted that it was the beginning of good times and that they would enjoy the company of each other.

Golf club in Dubai

Golf is not just a game that has many followers but is a form of relaxation and allows the players to concentrate. The Trump International Golf Club Dubai is expected to make a useful contribution towards this end. The golf club is, in fact, part of a 42 million square foot wider development known as DAMAC Hills and is the first golf course to open in the city for a long time.

DAMAC has to shell out a licensing fee to the Trump Organization to use the Trump brand.

Donald Trump has to maintain a distance from his family business but, it is difficult to do that all of a sudden and he has been criticized for that. He has, however, indicated that the Trump organization would not ink any fresh overseas deals as long as he remains in the chair.