For the Nebraska Football team, it appears that some players are harder to convince to come to Lincoln than others. By the comments made by one defensive tackle from Florida, it appears Mike Riley simply offering him a position on the team was enough to make the Cornhuskers rocket up the school list. By the IMG Academy's talented defensive tackle's telling, the Huskers managed to take the top spot on his list of favorites, largely because he already feels as though the coaches have forged a strong relationship with him.

14 offers and counting

Defensive tackle Josh Walker currently has 14 offers from schools all over the country, including Nebraska football.

The most interesting thing about the offers that have come in for Walker is that they really are all over the place. There are other power five conference schools such as Michigan State and Notre Dame, but there are also smaller schools like Appalachian State and Georgia Southern.

It appears as though the player has been keeping his options open, especially considering it's still pretty early in the recruiting cycle for 2018 class members. The Nebraska football team is going to have to keep the pedal to the metal in order to keep Walker interested but for the moment, it's pretty clear the Huskers are in the driver's seat. Even with schools like the Fighting Irish clearly wanting to get the three-star recruit into the fold.

One of the best

Walker is among one of the best defensive tackles in the entire class, thanks in large part to his big frame and good speed for his position. While he is only ranked as a three-star right now, it's a safe bet he's going to be rising in the ranks before it's all said and done. The Nebraska football team is hot after the DT, who is currently ranked as the 46th best defensive tackle in the entire class and the 107th best player in the state of Florida.

While that number might seem a bit low, it's more a statement on just how good players from Florida tend to be. Josh Walker is only going to get more attention as spring rolls on and the Cornhuskers would be well served to try and get him locked up, considering how much he's said he likes the school. Walker told The Land of 10 that, “They’re probably my top school right now, probably because of the relationship I have with coach Riley. Just talking to him the past couple of weeks has been great.”