The Nebraska Football team continues to be a possible destination for some of the best players in the country, and that can only be seen as a good thing. While the Huskers might still be having a bit of a problem landing these top recruits, every once in a while they are convincing the best of the best to come here. The first step in getting a commit, is getting a player to visit. In that vein, one of the Huskers' top targets at defensive back tweeted out a message that seems to indicate he's planning a visit.

Cryptic tweets are the new normal

Perhaps because it's very early in the 2018 recruiting process, and because players want to add some drama to the proceedings, more and more recruits seem to be sending out smoke signals, rather than being very clear with their intentions.

What we do know about Isaac Taylor-Stuart is that he recently tweeted out a picture of himself standing in front of a Nebraska football-themed background. Along with the picture was the message "looking deep into the future with our eyes," and accompanying that were a couple emojis (including one that was an airplane). It's the plane that appears to be hinting at the visit, while Taylor-Stuart is clearly showing at least some interest in the Huskers.

Stiff competition

While it's always nice to see the Nebraska football team get some love, the Huskers are going to have a big hill to climb in order to bring home the services of Isaac Taylor-Stuart.

The four-star prospect is currently listed as the ninth best cornerback in the country and the fifth best player in the entire state of California. He's also rated as the 49th best player in the country by 247Sports, and is also on ESPN's Top 300. Thanks to those rather high ratings, he's being pursued by some of the best schools in the country, such as Alabama, USC, Washington, and UCLA.

With that group in the mix, it's a bit of a surprise that the Cornhuskers are getting a look. Taylor-Stuart has not said when he plans to schedule his visit to Lincoln, so the coaching staff might still be playing the waiting game.