The Nebraska Football team had its first nail-biter of a commitment announcement for the 2018 recruiting class. Unfortunately, the nail-biter ended up going the wrong way, as the Huskers came up empty. If there is anything that Cornhusker fans can take away from it, they can take solace in the fact that Nebraska was far from the only school that was on the outside looking in. USC and Oklahoma both lost out as well. The rich got richer, as Ohio State ended up winning the Jaiden Woodbey sweepstakes.

Short, strange trip

It appears as though Jaiden Woodbey was quite excited by the number of kids who were announcing their school choices last week.

He was so moved that he wanted to make his own announcement and wanted to make sure that everyone in the college football world was paying attention. It was just a few days ago that Jaiden Woodbey announced on Twitter that he was going to "shock the world." True to form, he wasn't willing to tell people just how he was going to shock the world, though there were plenty of guesses. The most prevalent guess when it came to Husker fans is that the defensive back recruit might surprise everyone and decide to come play in Lincoln. It turns out Nebraska football fans are being left at the altar again as the Ohio State Buckeyes ended up winning the sweepstakes.

Less than shocking announcement

It turns out the chance to go to Nebraska football was not the thing that was shocking.

Perhaps it was the fact that he was announcing where he was going at all that was supposed to be the big shock. It is quite early for such a high-profile player to be ending his recruitment period. He announced he was going to be making his decision on Twitter yet again, this time singling out the Huskers, the Buckeyes, USC, and the Oklahoma Sooners.

On Monday night, right on schedule, the player did indeed announce where he was going to be going to school. The good news, when it comes to the Huskers and their fans, is that it's only February, and the team has plenty of time to try and sway the recruit.