The Washington Wizards desperately needed bench help when the deadline of NBA had approached. In exchange for the guard Marcus Thornton and the forward Andrew Nicholson from Brooklyn Nets, they acquired the shooter Bojan Bogdanovic and the 22 years old Chris Mccullough in their team on Wednesday.

The General Manager of the Wizards, Ernie Grunfeld, said in a statement that it would be good for their team to have Bojan Bogdanovic, a great shooter. He said that Bojan’s versatile performance of being a talented overall scorer would give a boost to their team.

Ernie Grunfeld further added that Bojan had been a proven starter that would definitely come out to be an advantage for the team. Bojan Bogdanovic, a 27 years old shooter, was the key in the Nets deal. He is an amazing player (36 percent 3-point shooter) and would really be benefiting the team of Washington Wizards in the future.

Wizards coach on range shooting

Scott Brooks, the coach of Wizards, was not able to comment on the trade that happened on Wednesday night since it was not yet processed. Media had asked Brooks what the prospective rise in range shooting could mean for bench rotation.

Brooks replied that shooting would be a big part of the game and even more than that, as far as the last few years were concerned.

He further added stating 2-point ball as a powerful game and that if their team won it, it would be hard to beat them like the other teams. Bojan Bogdanovic would move to the position among the top 8 players in the team.

Bogdanovic to open floor with others

The trade could not resolve Washington’s issue of backup point guard.

It was disappointing for both Burke and Satoransky to be the primary ball handler in the second group but Bogdanovic would create a space for them too.

For Washington, going with this bench group along with Markieff Morris and Jason Smith would open the floor for the team. Smith, being a pick-and-pop center, has recently started shooting more 3-pointers while Mahinmi remains as a defense-first center.