What's the latest for the Washington Wizards?

Unfortunately, the Washington Wizards are not given much thought by anyone. The fact remains that they have not been relevant as a franchise for a very long time. Despite having a franchise player in John Wall, even his exceptional skills have not been enough to elevate the Washington Wizards beyond middle-of-the-pack mediocrity.

While it was hoped that the tandem of John Wall and Bradley Beal would be the backcourt of the future for the franchise, that, too, has largely been underwhelming. Still, this is not to say that the Washington Wizards have a bad roster overall.

With the likes of double-double machine Marcin Gortat, one half of the Morris twins, and Otto Porter to pair with the backcourt of John Wall and Bradley Beal, the Washington Wizards are certainly not a lost cause.

At 34-21 at the time of this writing, the Wizards currently occupy the third slot in the Eastern Conference. The team itself could be one acquisition away from seriously competing in the East, and, the latest trade rumors seem to indicate that the Wizards are eyeing some pieces to beef up their bench and round out their overall attack.

Wizards want Lou Williams from the Lakers?

According to CBS Sports, the Washington Wizards are willing to part with a first round pick in order to secure the services of someone like the Lakers' Lou Williams or the Nets' Bojan Bogdanovic to add some fire power off the bench.

The Los Angeles Lakers have held their roster very close to the vest this season, and have been adamant about not trading any of their pieces away, however, if the Wizards were to acquire someone like Lou Williams, that's instant offense off of the bench. Lou Williams could easily be a starter on any team in the league, and, even though the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled throughout much of this current season, Lou Willams has often been the glue that has held the team together.

With only a few days remaining until the February 23rd trade deadline, it will be interesting to see what transpires.