It was another wild night as Tuesday's WWE "SmackDown Live" episode delivered more hype for fans heading towards Sunday's 2017 "Royal Rumble" event. On the latest installment, Mickie James revealed why she returned and helped Alexa Bliss against Becky Lynch. Also, Randy Orton and Luke Harper went face-to-face with Bray Wyatt observing them. In addition, a new "Royal Rumble" match entrant was named, and Dean Ambrose defended his Intercontinental title in a match against The Miz in a special match. Here are the latest "SmackDown Live" results for Tuesday's huge episode!

Orton vs. Harper

In recent weeks, Randy Orton and Luke Harper were at each other's throats and on tonight's "SmackDown" episode the two Wyatt Family members met in the ring one-on-one. Family leader Bray Wyatt was ringside to watch as his two teammates clashed in the ring. At one point, both competitors went to the outside for the fight and ended up down on the floor. Bray gave an assist to continue the match, tossing both men back into the ring to avoid a countout.

The close came when Harper and Orton had a late exchange. Harper went for his big spinning clothesline to take down Orton, but "The Viper" avoided it.

From there, Randy Orton struck with the RKO to put down Harper for the three count. Post-match saw Bray enter the ring and seem to help up Harper but then put him back down with Sister Abigail. With Bray and Orton leaving up the ramp and Harper in the ring, everyone was left to wonder if Harper was kicked out of the family.

Mickie James explains herself

Mickie James gave an exclusive in-ring interview to Renee Young. She talked about her accomplishments as a five-time women's champion and one-time divas champ. She mentioned how Becky Lynch and the other women she came to WWE with act as if they started a big revolution for women in Wrestling, but Mickie noted that it was wrestlers like herself who started it.

She said Alexa Bliss is the only one who fought against these other women to stop their pretend revolution.

Former champion Becky Lynch came out to put a stop to Mickie's talking and seemed to at first until Mickie escaped the ring and into the crowd. When Becky gave chase, she was attacked from the crowd by Alexa Bliss. From there, Alexa and Becky hit big moves on Becky in the ring and told her they were always "one step ahead."

New 'Rumble' entrant?

Just as new "Royal Rumble" match entrants were announced on Monday's "Raw" episode, there was also a new entry from Tuesday's "SmackDown." The show featured a battle royal match with the winner earning a spot in the big 30-man match on Sunday.

Among the competitors were The Ascension, Breezeango, Rhyno and Slater, Vaudevillains, Mojo Rawley, and Curt Hawkins. It ultimately came down to Breezeango in a 2-on-1 against Rawley. Mojo managed to move Fandango into the way of a Tyler Breeze superkick to cause Fandango's elimination and then dumped out Breeze to win the match. With that, Mojo has punched his ticket into the "Rumble" match!

A huge Lumberjack Match

The "SmackDown Live" main event featured The Miz getting a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose. While Miz had requested a No Disqualification match from Daniel Bryan earlier, the "SD" General Manager chose for a Lumberjack match instead. Many of the competitors in the Battle Royal earlier were on the outside to help beat up and throw Miz and Ambrose back into the ring at various moments.

The close once again saw Maryse try to interfere by grabbing Ambrose's leg. It also featured Baron Corbin attacking Ambrose when he had a pinfall, and then a huge brawl in the ring "Royal Rumble" style. Corbin managed to eliminate a lot of superstars on his own and went after Ambrose, only to fall to the outside. From there, Ambrose avoided Miz's attempted move and hit Dirty Deeds to retain the title.

"SmackDown Live" results ended with Ambrose celebrating and the commentators hyping up Sunday's "Royal Rumble" PPV!