On Tuesday night, the WWE "SmackDown Live" episode will be live streaming online and televised, just ahead of this Sunday's "Royal Rumble" 2017 pay-per-view event. The roster members of the Tuesday night show will be preparing for their various matches or feuds, including many stars getting ready for the 30-man Rumble match. Among them will be Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, John Cena, and AJ Styles, as well as Dean Ambrose and The Miz. Here's a look at how to watch the latest WWE live streaming online or televised show, and possible episode spoilers ahead of Tuesday night!

Wyatt Family in trouble?

Last Tuesday saw another volatile situation involving Randy Orton, Luke Harper, and Bray Wyatt. It culminated with Orton losing a match to Dean Ambrose, due to Harper's interference and distraction. That all led to a heated moment in the ring involving Bray, Randy, and Luke, with Bray eventually getting between his two Wyatt Family members and throwing a punch at Harper to get him to break it up.

All three members of the Wyatt Family are scheduled to enter this Sunday's Rumble match, but it's clear they aren't on the same page.

On tonight's "SmackDown" episode, Harper and Orton go at it in a one-on-one battle as demanded by Bray Wyatt. Which member of the "Family" will win, and can they work together this Sunday?

Styles & Cena clash?

Last week on "SmackDown Live," WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles had a bad week. In the opening of the show, he learned from Shane McMahon that he'll not only defend his title on Sunday at the PPV but could also have to defend it at the next pay-per-view, the "Elimination Chamber." That wasn't all, though.

Styles was pitted against The Miz in a match with John Cena on commentary. Things broke down but eventually, John Cena was able to strike and played out Styles with his finishing move, the Attitude Adjustment. That left Styles irate and he reportedly plans to call out Cena on tonight's episode, just days before their big title match.

Mickie James & 'Rumble' hype

If all that isn't enough, tonight's episode will continue to build the hype towards Sunday's "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view and the 30-man match. Will more superstars put their name into the field of 30 entrants? Also, will Jerry "The King" Lawler call out Dolph Ziggler again after last week's attack?

Also, Mickie James is set to give an exclusive interview to Renee Young to talk about her latest return to the ring to help Alexa Bliss defeat Becky Lynch. What will the newest member of the "SmackDown" roster have to say for herself?

How to watch live online or TV

"SmackDown Live" is shown every week on Tuesday nights starting at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Viewers are able to watch it live on television via the USA network on their cable or satellite service. There are also live streaming online options. Current cable and satellite customers who have USA Network as part of their package can watch through the USA website with the live TV viewing option. There's also SlingTV which currently offers a free one week trial and includes USA among the channels that subscribers can watch live TV from online.

Will you be watching tonight's episode? What are you hoping to see happen on the latest WWE show?