On the latest "Monday Night Raw" live episode, one superstar gained entry into the 2017 "Royal Rumble" match while another lost his spot. In addition, there was a chance for one superstar to regain the championship he lost weeks ago. If all that wasn't enough, there was plenty of build up towards the big pay-per-view, including an intense in-ring confrontation to close out Monday's pro Wrestling show. Here are the latest "Royal Rumble" 2017 rumors and news after the recent "Raw" episode ahead of Sunday's big pay-per-view.

New superstar added to 30-man match

A huge match was booked on Monday's "Raw" in which Sami Zayn would have to earn a spot in the 2017 "Royal Rumble" match. Unfortunately, Stephanie McMahon told Mick Foley and Zayn that Sami would have to defeat Seth Rollins to get a spot in the field of 30 superstars. Later, it was revealed by Foley to Rollins that Stephanie added the stipulation that if Rollins lost to Zayn, he also would lose his spot in the 30-man match.

Rollins and Zayn put on a brilliant effort, with plenty of back and forth action along with near falls.

The crowd was on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who would get the big pinfall. At one point, Rollins hit an impressive Pedigree on the side apron, leaving Zayn out. Rollins managed to get into the ring but before he could cover, Triple H's theme music hit, distracting Rollins. Zayn was able to grab a surprise pinfall for the win, taking Rollins' spot in the match this Sunday.

That left Seth Rollins furious as he stormed backstage in search of answers as to what just went down.

US Championship rematch

Roman Reigns managed to bait Chris Jericho into a United States Championship rematch during "Raw" just days before Reigns takes on Kevin Owens at the "Royal Rumble" for the Universal title. In the match, Reigns managed to take control and looked ready for the win, until Kevin Owens rushed into the ring to attack.

That gave Reigns a win by DQ and led to a 2-on-1 attack by Owens and Jericho. Owens even called for the shark cage to be lowered down and tried to lock Reigns inside.

Unfortunately for Owens, Reigns gained the upper hand and put him inside the cage, before locking it shut. He watched as Owens was raised above the ring and then hit a Superman Punch on Jericho. Moments later, he hit a Spear to take down Jericho, leaving a big smile on Reigns' face ahead of Sunday's "Royal Rumble" PPV. It was later announced that not only will Jericho be locked in that cage above the ring for Sunday's Universal title match, but that the match will also be "No Disqualification."

Epic in-ring confrontation

The final segment on "Monday Night Raw" featured Goldberg arriving out to the ring to hype up his entry into Sunday's 30-man match.

He talked of wanting to capture the Universal Championship but was eventually interrupted by Paul Heyman, who came out to talk about the possibilities for Sunday's match including a showdown in the ring between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Lesnar's music hit and he came out. Goldberg taunted Lesnar to be a man and get into the ring, which "The Beast" eventually did.

The two ring titans had a brief staredown in the ring but were interrupted. The Undertaker's gong sounded and the lights went out in the arena. As they came back on, "The Deadman" was also in the ring, staring at his two potential barriers to a win at Sunday's "Royal Rumble" match.

The show closed with all three men continuing their staredown in the ring.

Surprise entrant for Sunday?

Big Cass, Rusev, and a returning Big Show were also announced for Sunday's match. A former WWE star could also be a surprise entrant (spoiler alert).

Former WWE champion Kurt Angle was pulled from this weekend's Dominant Wrestling TV show which goes live on TV Saturday. Angle was scheduled as a commentator for the event but is now off. It could be a potential spoiler revealing that Angle is set to make a surprise entry into an already star-studded "Royal Rumble" match on Sunday.