Jana Kramer had a frightening experience involving her four-year-old daughter, Jolie, while visiting a neighborhood park. The former "One Tree Hill" star shared her experience on her Instagram account on Monday. It started like any other day; kids were running about and having fun. In a mere minute, Jana reveals she got the scare of her life.

Kramer claims that Jolie had met another little girl, and the two were playing and 'running around.' Kramer writes, "I went down the slide with [Jace] my son, I saw Jolie running around in the playhouse." In just a brief minute that it takes to go down the slide, Jana and her husband Mike Caussin lost sight of their daughter.

Jana then states a woman in the park told her that her daughter had just got into a white SUV.

Jana Kramer gives daughter Jolie the stranger danger talk

“My heart went straight to my gut, and I said, ‘WHAT?!!!’ I immediately ran as fast as I could to the parking lot where I then saw Jolie and the little girl coming around the back of the car."

Immediately like any other parent, your mind goes to the absolute possible scenario. Luckily, it was the other little girl's mom in the car. Jana claims she is taking this experience as an opportunity to talk with her children about strangers.

The actress claims that it has been difficult to get all the scary "what ifs' out of her head. She also claims she would like to use this experience to inform other parents to be "super present" with their children and to be sure to have that warning talk with them to warn them about talking to strangers.

Things are good for Jana Kramer and her husband, Mike Caussinp

Kramer reveals that she decided to share her social media's terrifying experience, despite knowing she would most likely garner negative feedback from the "mom shamers." Jana reveals she is used to the negative comments and has dealt with them more than once. In September, Jana opened up with People revealing her "biggest parenting fail." She claims her parenting fails...letting what others, mostly "mommy shamers," had to critique her parenting choices.

She added that the remarks made her feel like she wasn't doing a "good job." They slammed me on everything from choosing not to breastfeed to what and how I fed them. Today Jana Kramer claims now it really doesn't get to her. She knows better these days, parenting is hard, but she goes on knowing she is doing the best she can.

She knows she is a good mom.

Over the past couple of years, Jana and her husband, Mike Caussin, have had personal difficulties. Today they remain committed to each other and their family. They recently celebrated Caussin's one-year sobriety from his recovery from sex addiction.