"Shameless" Season 11 begins airing on December 6, and fans are in for quite a ride. Some pretty big changes have occurred since Season 10, some, fans will find quite shocking.

Season 11's first episode, entitled "This is Chicago" finds Frank Gallagher walking the streets of Southside while accompanied by a student filmmaker. Frank, doing what Frank does best reveals the history of the Southside from his point of view all the while complaining about all the huge changes that have taken the Gallaghers neighborhood over.

The opening episode of "Shameless" is all about catching fans up and setting up the season's story plot for each character.

What fans can expect from "Shameless" in Season 11

Keeping in touch with what is going on in the world these days expect to see just how COVID-19 has affected the Gallagher family's lives. Coronavirus has found the family struggling even more than normal financially. Everyone is doing everything and anything they need to do to make ends meet.

Lip and Tami and baby son Freddie are living in the house that Lip found at the end of last season. Money is a major issue in episode one. Lip is working at the bike shop, but his hours have been cut. This is tough on him considering Tami continues to want to live above their financial means during the pandemic.

Lip finds some interesting ways to carry out Tami's chore list while she continues to work at the beauty shop.

Money also poses a huge issue between Ian and Mickey. Ian and Mickey are struggling thru the early months as a newly married couple which is hard enough without COVID. Ian is stressing over cash, and paying bills, while Mickey is enjoying staying home.

Ian questions his marriage to Mickey

They get into a tiff over money and Ian tells Mickey he will take the money from their wedding box where they have been saving all the cash gifts they received to move into their own place.

Trouble comes to a head when Ian discovers the money all gone and a box filled with IOUs from Mickey. This causes a huge fight and leaves Ian wondering if marrying Mickey was a mistake.

Debbie's season 10 exploration of her sexuality has left her in a lot of trouble. Following her fling, with her boss's young daughter Debs finds herself sporting an ankle monitor and has been publicly listed as a sex offender.

This is making it tough for Debbie to get a job and leaves her scheming with her current love interest Sandy in true Gallagher fashion new ways to earn money.

Carl is living his dream life at the moment. He graduated and is now working as a Southside police officer. Who would have ever thought a Gallagher would be working with the police department? Liam, Frannie and Kev, and Vee's daughters Jemma and Amy did not get much screen time as of yet keeping mostly in the background.

Kev and Vee navigate COVID-19 restrictions

As for Kev and Vee, is a small bar business owner they have forced to come up with a way around the COVID closings. To make ends meet, Kev and Vee have started up a new weed business making and selling both smokable and edible goodies which they have been selling underground.

Their first scenes start at their house with Vee baking up special brownies while their twin daughters are rolling joints. The crazy couple has also figured a way around their bar's closing for their regulars.

During a scene at the Alibi Vee gives Tommy and Kermit samples of her special and very potent brownies. This leaves Alibi regulars Tommy and Kermit extremely high. Tommy and Kermit end up eating all of Vee's brownies and gummies. This is what most will find very unexpected. The two men head to the restroom and end up hooking up in one of the stalls.

The final scenes show Lip busily working on his and Tami's house and the entire Gallagher family showing up with food and ready to help Lip get it done. "Shameless" Season 11 [VIDEO] sadly is the final season for the popular Showtime comedy-drama, but it is setting up to go out with quite a Gallagher bang.